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Employment Opportunities

The next Firefighter exam will be in 2020.
Check back often for more details.

City Of Auburn Civil Service Office
24 South St.
(315) 255-4141

Auburn Fire Department

Is Recruiting
Team Players!

So you’ve taken the Auburn Fire Department Firefighter’s Exam
Now what happens?

Typically, you will receive the results from the exam approximately 8-12 weeks after you have taken the test. The test you take will be valid for a minimum of 1 year and a maximum of 4 years.

Once exam results are back, you will receive a letter from Civil Service letting you know what rank (score) you have. To be considered for a position, you must score in the top 3 positions. (There can be more than three people in the top 3 positions. For example-1 person scores 100, 1 person scores 95 and four people score a 90. This would mean that 6 people were in the top positions. To have three candidates, Civil Service will consider all 4 people with the score of 90 plus the two candidates with the 100 and 95. If three people had scored 100, they would be the only candidates. Scores are grouped by five (i.e. 100 then 95 then 90 then 85, etc.) You will be put in a group score based on your results.)

The Process! What comes after the written test?

Below are the 5 steps that a candidate goes through (after taking the written exam) to become a City of Auburn Firefighter.

1) Physical Agility Evaluation (PAE)
The civil service commission will schedule a PAE for the top candidates on the exam. You should be prepared to participate in this evaluation even if you are not in the top three scores. The PAE will be given to many of the candidates at the top of the list. This is to assure that the Civil Service Commission has eligible candidates, beyond the top three scores, for future openings that could occur while the list is active. Civil Service will hold the PAE as soon as possible after the results of the written exam come back. You will need to have started (or maintained) a fitness program prior to notification of the PAE. Your fitness program should include workouts specific to firefighting activities that are replicated during the PAE. You will be notified of the date, time and place. The pass/fail information on the evaluation is found in the Civil Service Exam Announcement and in the link below. Also included in the link are web sites that provide information on fitness programs.

2) Position Opening
After you pass the physical agility test you will have to wait for a firefighting position to become open on the Auburn Fire Department. You will be notified when a position or positions open up and the hiring process is continuing for candidates in the top three positions.

3) Interview Invitation
After you have successfully passed the physical agility and if you are in the top three positions on the exam you will receive a canvas letter asking if you are interested, or not, in the position of firefighter. You will return the canvas letter stating your intent. If interested, you will be scheduled for an interview. Make sure to keep your current address on file with civil service so that you will receive all notifications!

4) After the Interview
After completing the interview process, one or more candidates will be offered the job(s) depending on the number of positions open. If you are offered the position, you will have to go through a medical exam and a background check, both of these are provided by the City of Auburn. Upon successful completion of both, you will become a probationary member of the Auburn Fire Department and will be scheduled for a firefighter’s academy.

5) If you are hired as a City of Auburn Firefighter
The City of Auburn will send you to a firefighting academy. Usually it is the NY State Academy located in Montour Falls. The academy is approximately 11 weeks. During that time, you will live at the academy Sunday-Thursday. Once you graduate, you will be placed on line as a probationary firefighter. For the first year, you are assigned to specific officers to complete your first year. After your probationary year is up and you have successfully fulfilled all the first year requirements, you will become a permanent member of the Auburn Fire Department and the Fire Chief will assign you a position. Firefighters (both probationary and permanent) work a two day, two night schedule.

Good luck to all interested in the position of Firefighter!

If you have questions concerning this process contact
Jeffery Whiting at the Civil Service Office 315-255-4141 or email

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